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The IQ Mini-S is an ultra compact encrypted sensor that securely connects to the IQ Panel 2.  Using our proprietary S-Line encryption technology, encrypts signals sent to the IQ Panel while still providing backwards compatibility for legacy 319.5 systems.  Easy to install on anything that opens or closes, the IQ Mini-S can provide intelligent notifications like "door left open" can be custom named, and can even support Smart home rules like "when door opens, turn on light" or "when door left open adjust thermostat to save energy."  Boasting up to eight years of battery life, The IQ Mini-S uses an innovative board and antenna design to extend range and allow mounting on a variety of surfaces. The IQ Mini-S also includes a rare earth magnet for flexible mounting options in a variety of situations. 

*They cannot “see” though walls or doors


  • Encrypted S-Line sensor technology protects signals sent to the IQ Panel while still providing support for legacy 319.5 systems
  • Provides security coverage up to 35’ in a large. open area
  • Use to create rules such as “When someone enters the room, turn on light” or “Trigger siren when intruder detected”
  • Pet immune up to 80 lbs

S-Line Motion Detector

  • Backed with our 3X Guarantee: 30-Day money back equipment purchase guarantee, Life of Service Monthly Rate Guarantee and our signature Life of Service Warranty on all security sensors and controllers.

  • Free Shipping on all orders within Contenential US.


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